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Professional approach

Our company has been providing services to the residents and guests of Alytus since 1997

About us

Procedure for provision of services

Procedure for payment of fees for heat energy and hot water supply services during the quarantine period

Payment facilities

Information on the terms of payment facilities during quarantine

Hydraulic tests

2021 hydraulic test schedule

Heating in Alytus

What is the current heat economy situation in Alytus? Track heat consumption map


About company

The activities of the private limited liability company Alytaus šilumos tinklai are of a specific nature. The main activity is the rental of assets required for the production and supply of thermal energy. Company administration to performance
is not affected because the company is not engaged in production activities.
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We set high goals

Many years of experience

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Latest technology

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Transparency and security

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We provide these services

  • Production and supply of heat;
  • Hot water supply;
  • Electricity generation;
  • Maintenance of heating stations and heating systems.
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Video information memory

The Lithuanian National Consumer Federation presents information video memories for heat energy consumers and residents of apartment buildings.

An information video for heat energy consumers will introduce you to the basic rights of a heat consumer, provide practical advice and recipes for saving heat.

What form of administration of an apartment house to choose? How to save energy in an apartment building? What you need to know about apartment renovation? You will find the answers to these and other questions in the information video memory for the residents of apartment buildings.

Cooperation partners